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The Cusp & The Middle | A solo exhibition by Aaron Moore

The Cusp & The Middle | A solo exhibition by Aaron Moore

The Cusp & The Middle | A solo exhibition by Aaron Moore
Curated by Alexia Bréard-Anderson


Opening Night // Thursday, March 17th

5 PM Early VIP and media access
7 PM Public opening

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Portrait.Co Panel Talk // Thursday, March 24th

7 PM - 9 PM (details TBA)

Screening of 'Dancing on Narrow Ground: Youth & Dance in Ulster' // Sunday, March 27th

8 PM - 10 PM (details TBA)

Gallery hours by appointment
Please email to arrange a visit.


The Cusp and The Middle is an exploration of abandonment, return and division. Through analogue photography, installation and appropriation, Moore revisits spaces within Northern Ireland as he plots points of homesickness in an attempt to create a map of it.Once a part of the land, the artist now finds himself separate; circling the spaces in between; the cusp & the middle. Moore creates a graph: a record of longitude and latitude that delves into immigration, distance and duality that aims to pinpoint the artist's disconnection from a space he once considered his own.


Aaron Robert Moore is a Northern Irish artist currently based in Toronto, Canada. His work tends to focus on the examination of ethnicity, nationality, religion & the idea of The Self: through abstraction based in distortion, manipulation and appropriation he re-contextualizes and reinterprets the histories (or fragments of histories) he is part of. Through photography, video & paint he re-navigates the components of his life.


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