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Oneirism - New works from Bogdan Luca

I walked into a grocery store once. It was a large room filled with light streaming through its generous windows. White tiles covered the walls half way, pale green paint above. In the middle, a regiment of shelves exposed in their nakedness save for a few stacks of canned goods. Refrigerated vitrines maintained an icy emptiness. The cashier, garbed in a white coat, not that different from a doctor's, leaned against the till absorbed in filing her nails. The sound of her rasp permeated the silent void.

Oneirism (onei·rism \ō-ˈnī-ˌriz-əm\) is a state of consciousness in which dreamlike, often disturbing illusions are experienced while awake. This group of paintings depicts moments or characters that belong to a liminal order of reality: where the boundaries between consciousness, dreams and imagination are permeable and not easily discerned. How do we digest the images we are surrounded by? How do we think about this process by way of painting and photography?

Bogdan Luca is a Toronto based artist interested in how external images inform the cinema of our minds and how fear/desire shapes the world that becomes subjectively visible to our eyes. Bogdan teaches drawing and painting at OCAD University and the Art Gallery of Ontario.

Please join Luca at the opening reception on Saturday November 7th from 6 to 10pm. We will have a free oyster hour courtesy of Jason Kun of Island Oysters

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Earlier Event: November 6
Later Event: November 7
À Côté Studio Opening