New Currency Live: Session 1

For the first of many, New Currency Live will bring personalities from different creative fields to speak on a variety of topics in an effort to inspire and empower. 

SESSION 1 will explore our role as artists in a rapidly changing world where it has never been more important to use our talents to start a dialogue which will hopefully lead to change. 

In a conversation that will be moderated by Sydney Allen-Ash, we will explore Jalani Morgan’s photography for Black Lives Matter. 

1196 Queen ST West

This event is Pay What You Can. 

Jalani Morgan is an established Toronto based photographer, visual historian and photo editor who is know for his editorial, documentary and gallery collected work both nationally and internationally. Jalani’s work explores visual representation within the Black Canadian context and focuses on documenting and portraying images of Black Life both in Canada and around the world.

Sydney Allen-Ash is the founder of, a platform that produces interviews and host panel discussions to create safe social spaces for critical conversation. She also works as a creative consultant and producer working with brands and companies in the conceptualization and execution of creative projects

New Currency is digital platfrom created in 2015. Our mission is to inspire young and upcoming creators by hosting insightful conversations with creative individuals around the world. Since it's inception, we've travelled to Paris, London, Brazil, New York, Toronto and Montreal interviewing people who move and shake culture. 

Special thanks to DAIS for collaborating with us on this event.