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'Clearing Spaces' continues to unfold as the Broadbent Sisters’ occupy the new HUNTCLUB gallery on Dundas. Their work transforms the domestic into dreamlike realms, where sparkles are swept and spaces are cleared. Thematically their work is influenced by meditative practices, religious rituals & pop spirituality. Their aesthetic continues to be inspired by mass-produced therapeutic objects and elemental nature. 

In 'LIVING ROOM', the gallery is transformed into an immersive and hypnotic domestic space. Soothing pink cloths hydrate jungle palms and white sculptures levitate on the walls. Soak in the magical landscape of fluidity and form. Allow myth and illusion back into the mundane, as meditative wallpaper transposes the gallery and your home. 

In this show, the sisters' images fuse the mystical into the domestic, and bring awareness to the interplay between gallery and home, public and private spaces. Pushing a traditionally functional art form: wallpaper, into the the world of whimsy, where static forms are made into pulsating patterns.

Their catalogue of custom meditative wallpaper prints are made up of photographs and images sourced from their various 'Clearing Spaces' exhibitions. The resulting patterns hold both order and chaos as images morph into one another in a hyper-stylized fluidity of form and movement. These images can be purchased as permanent & removable rolls of wallpaper. 

Opening Reception: Thursday, Oct 22nd 2015 : 8pm
Show Runs Until: Tues, Nov 10, 2015.