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Lethal and Young

Lethal and Young

Welcome to Conor and Julian’s apartment. 

Outside, the world is on fire. Inside, the lovers are safe. 

But are they safe from themselves? 

The universe which Julian and Conor have created in their five years together is insular, imaginative and isolated, inhabited by physical manifestations of their collective and separate fantasies. This is their kingdom, built on a foundation of repetition and love. 

Tonight, the lovers return home exhausted, drunk, and stoned. Like so many nights before, they fall into a spiteful cycle of vicious games. The rules are known, the stakes are high, and once more they must fight to survive each other's emotional siege. . 

It is clear that neither wants to play any more...but what else is there?

Ravenous Theatre Presents LETHAL AND YOUNG: an immersive, surrealistic theatrical glimpse into a vicious and decaying relationship. 

Written and Directed by Andrew Jamieson
Co-Produced by Kaleigh Connery
Featuring Andrew Jamieson and Henri Rabalais

Presented at #Hashtag Gallery (830 Dundas Street West)


Wednesday, July 27th 8:00 pm
Thursday, July 28th 8:00 pm
Friday, July 29th 8:00 pm
Saturday, July 30th 8:00 pm
Saturday, July 30th 10:00 pm

Runtime: 60 mins (No Intermission) 

Contains strong language and mature themes. Smoke effects and herbal cigarettes will be used during the performance. Latecomers will not be admitted. 

Please Note: STANDING ROOM ONLY. No seating will be provided for the audience, as the experience is intended to be immersive, invasive, voyeuristic and exploratory. Don't be shy!!!

Join us before the show at The Hashtag Gallery to grab a drink and check out an impressive showcase of works from talented local artists! We look forward to seeing you all there, and hearing what you think.