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Erica Mendritzki: Let Me Talk to You Man to Man

Let Me Talk to You Man to Man at G Gallery
Erica Mendritzki
January 7 - Febraury 27, 2016

Like a lot of girls, I would like to have the chance to talk to somebody man to man. I would love to speak frankly, and with authority. I would say things in a calm, deep, reassuring voice—even if I was bad at it. 

It’s ok to be bad at this. 

To engage with the history of art or the history of ideas, as a woman, is to interrupt a century-spanning conversation in which the rules of engagement and the topics of discussion have been set by men.

Let me talk to you, man to man, about how this feels.

Erica Mendritzki is an artist who lives in Winnipeg.

Erica Mendritzki would like to acknowledge the support of the Winnipeg Arts Council and the Manitoba Arts Council.