History and Practical Application of the Occult in Music/Art

An informal talk on the meditation and ritual techniques one can use to produce an alteration of consciousness and a deeper understanding of the world, which can be of great benefit to the creative mind. The history of these techniques in art and music, from ancient man forward to the past 100 years where we have witnessed an increase in the occult in art and music as we move into the New Aeon and our society is freed from centuries of religious oppression. Pioneering minds like Austin Osman Spares, William S. Burroughs, Kenneth Anger. 

As well as practical application of
-automatic drawing
-sigil art

Hosted by: Aaron J. Cunningham a musician, artist and occultist living in Toronto. Best known for his work as SINS. He is an initiate and officer of the Temple of the Lady of the Stars, as well as being an initiate of the OTO and the Vajrayana school of Tibetan Buddhism.

$5 or pwyc

811 - 233 Spadina Ave