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Is There Gender in the Void?: A Thought-Led Discussion

Is There Gender in the Void?: A Thought-Led Discussion is a one day gathering of scholars, artists, students, and activists to discuss the intersection of gender and space travel. It will be an open forum to discuss the temporal flux that linear time enacts on our symbolic, imaginary, and real bodies.

We wish to discuss the semiotics of "being" gendered and nothingness within the greater contexts of class, race, ability, and religion. Within and without these concepts, constituted solely by the mutual pressures of imagined existence and real oblivion, we seek to create SPACE within the ever-expanding capitalist VOID to discuss our bodies and their places within the cosmos -- before colonial spacefaring renders all cosmic knowledge and space genders incomprehensible except within the context of the VOID of capital.

Light refreshments provided.

160 Spadina Ave