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Building your Creative Enterprise - Branding, Marketing, and your Life Purpose

Building your Creative Enterprise - Branding, Marketing, and your Life Purpose

In this interactive workshop, The Real Sun will lead a group of young creative entrepreneurs through a series of arts-based activities aimed at helping them to gain a deeper understanding of what it takes to build a successful creative social enterprise. The key words or the day will be clarity, focus, and purpose. The Real Sun will share examples from her personal practice and experience, as well as challenge participants to dig deeper into their own creative capacities and imaginations - inviting them to think big, simplify, and connect with their core sources of inspiration, and true purpose in life. She will also cover a basic educational and informational component about clarifying the difference between a Brand, Branding, Marketing, Target Market, and how these components flow and work together. Come prepared to think, feel, be challenged to take a deeper look into yourself, gain clarity around your business ideas, play, ask questions, share, create, and collaborate.

The Real Sun

The Real Sun is a visionary: innovative and soulful artist, entrepreneur, educator, healer, freedom seeker. The Real Sun has successfully combined her talent as an artist (singer/songwriter/poet), with her love for education, healing, and social justice to create a social enterprise that allows her to live her purpose and passion every day. She uses her music and poetry as tools of engagement and education in Workshops and Musical Keynotes across the province. Better known as “On the Horizon” - a project housed under Voice of Purpose, an educational company created by The Real Sun. Voice of Purpose serves as a platform and resource for evolving generations who are in the pursuit of true inner purpose. As a performer, The Real Sun has played on stages in 7 different countries, and independently released two albums in the genres of Hip-Hop and Acoustic Soul. With a deep commitment to social justice, healing, and contributing to the evolution of humanity, everything The Real Sun creates in the arts or in business is about making a positive impact on the world, and helping people connect to their authenticity, passion, and purpose.  

August 31, 2016 


Gardiner Museum, Lecture Hall (111 Queens Park, Toronto, ON M5S 2C7)

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