Colonialism in Context: Canada's "Post-Colonial" State and the Marginalization of Indigenous Peoples

Colonialism in Context: Canada's "Post-Colonial" State and the Marginalization of Indigenous Peoples

On March 15th, please join us for a panel about the modern impacts of colonialism on Indigenous Peoples in Canada.

The event will feature four distinguished speakers in a relaxed, moderated round table conversation, discussing prominent issues such as; displacement and the pattern of poor infrastructure on reserves, the rate of missing and murdered indigenous women, suicide and addiction among indigenous youth and dults, and environmental and cultural degradation caused by a lack of autonomy and self-determination with a focus on the mining sector. Such issues share the root cause and have been exacerbated by the treatment and portrayal of indigenous people by European settlers as well as subsequent racist and oppressive federal policies enacted by Parliament. 

The event will begin at 4pm in the Tecumseh Auditorium (SCC 115), with a brief drumming performance and smudging ceremony to open the panel. There will be a short introduction to ground the theme of the evening, after which the discussion will begin. Guests will be asked not to photograph or film the opening or closing ceremonies. A reception with refreshments will follow. 

This event is a joint project between the Indigenous Students' Association, the Environment and Urban Sustainability Student Association, the RSSU, SWSU, RHS, and ACSCU. We sincerely hope you can join us.

Indigenous Students' Association

Ryerson Sociology Student Union

Ryerson University Social Work Students' Union

Ryerson History Society

Arts and Contemporary Studies Course Union

Tecumseh Auditorium (SCC 115), Ryerson Student Centre