Carnovsky Closing Party with Nuvango!

Carnovsky Closing Party with Nuvango!

Join us as we say farewell to our RGB: A VOYAGE exhibition, an experience of light and colour, exploring the enthralling universe of Carnovsky. 

Comprised of the talented Milanese duo Francesco Rugi and Silvia Quintanilla, Carnovsky has graced Nuvango goods for almost five years now. They have brought their RED, GREEN and BLUE world to life in our gallery. Sure to delight designers, artists and art-lovers alike, the classic RGB palette is used to create metamorphic imagery which challenges the eye, alternating and transforming from one scene to the next. 

The Nuvango gallery, located just above our flagship retail space, has been overhauled from tradition white walls to a lush and vibrant installition featuring previously unseen work from Carnovsky including limited edition prints, wears and many more surprises for our audiences. 

Join this FB event for updates and show details.

Be sure to RSVP using the link above for access to this FREE event. Space is limited and we will be giving admittance priority to those with RSVP's. 

FINE PRINT: Those with light sensitivities should proceed with caution.