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Carnavalismo explores cultural conventions through the notion of the carnivalesque and the fiesta, its celebration and outcome. The exhibition is developed through the transformation of the gallery space into a temporal/physical platform for social exchange, enabled by pleasure and a sense of observance. The artists in this exhibition explore different elements from popular Latin American culture seen through the eyes of hybridity, syncretism, migration, and colonization. Humour, ritual, fiction and social media are used as essential platforms of investigation. 

The exhibition shines a light onto the irregularity and uncertainty of Latin American identities conveyed in the artist’s memories, myths, stereotypesand expectations for the future.

Featuring ~
Alisson Escobar
Sebastián Benítez
Dana Prieto
Melina Sevilla
Stephanie DuránCastillo

Curated by ~
Alexia Bréard-Anderson
Eduardo Amar
Carnavalismo is the result of Sur Gallery's first mentorship program aimed to provide the participants with skills and opportunities to develop relationships needed to build strong careers in the arts. Sur Gallery is a physical space where individuals are encouraged to interpret, teach and learn about, share and explore various approaches to engage with contemporary Latin American artistic practices.

Sur Gallery (39 Queens Quay East)